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Faster, More Complete Mixing

Faster, More Complete Mixing

For faster, more complete mixing, this time-saver tool could be perfect for you!

If you perform many drop-count titrations in a day that involve our 9198 sample tube, you should consider adding a new tool to your testing arsenal:  the SpeedStir® (9265). This palmsize, portable magnetic stirrer will thoroughly incorporate each addition of reagent in a fraction of a second. Place the water sample on the mixing platform, gently drop in the Teflon®-coated stir bar, turn the unit on, and dispense reagent. No more manual swirl­ing! When ambient light is poor, six LEDs below the mixing platform can be lit up to make color changes in the test sample easy to see. The SpeedStir runs on four AA alkaline batteries at 600 rpm. 

The start-up pack, product number 9265, includes the stirrer, the stir bar, the 9198 sample tube, and batteries.

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