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All Markets Except Pool/Spa

Testing for Hydroxyl Alkalinity Using Taylor’s K-1537

Testing for Chlorine as Liquid Bleach Using Taylor’s K-1579

Performing a Buret Titration Using Taylor’s K-0401

Testing for Chloride Using the Argentometric Method in Taylor’s K-1549

Testing for Chloride Using the Mercuric Nitrate Method in Taylor's K-1598

Testing for Free & Combined Chlorine (or Total Bromine) Using Taylor’s K-1515-C with FAS-DPD

Testing for Chlorine Dioxide Using Taylor’s K-1502

Testing for Glutaraldehyde Using Taylor’s K-1186

Testing for Calcium & Total Hardness Using Taylor’s K-1514

Testing for Hydrogen Peroxide Using Taylor’s K-1825

Testing for Molybdate Using Taylor’s K-1805P

Testing for Nitrite in the Presence of Glycol Using Taylor’s K-1510

Testing for Nitrite without Glycol Interference Using Taylor’s K-1565

Testing for Peracetic Acid Using Taylor’s K-1546

Testing for Phosphonate in NonFluoridated Water Using Taylor’s K-1584

Testing for Phosphonate in Fluoridated Water Using Taylor’s K-1583

Testing for Total Free Polymer Using Taylor’s K-1190

Testing for Quaternary Ammonium Compounds Using Taylor’s K-1582

Sulfite Test of Hot Boiler Water