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Our customers know that Taylor products are not only trusted, but also supported by our team.

"I have never had such a good experience with a business in my life. Everyone has been courteous, responsive, and extremely helpful. I will recommend Taylor to everyone I know...I love Taylor Tech! The absolute best customer service! Your company should be a model for all. Please pass this along to all your employees."

From a new customer

"The knowledge of the water treatment industry and attention that Taylor takes in their products is apparent. Truly, our industry would be much different without Taylor products; we are fortunate to have such a competent supplier."

From a Certified Water Technologist and technical director of a water treatment company in Maryland

“[Your] chemistry is reliable, you back up your products with terrific technical support, and your customer service in my opinion is the best in the business. We just wanted you to know, when anybody asks us now for a recommendation on a test kit, we tell them Taylor, absolutely!”

From a small business owner in Palm Beach Gardens, FL

“Too often good customer service goes unnoticed and unacknowledged. This is one time that I absolutely refuse to allow that to happen. Your staff, your entire staff, has continuously shown exceptional helpfulness, amazing shipping efficiency and excellent customer service. If I had to come up with a complaint about Taylor Technologies, it would be that you are in Maryland and I live in Ohio and cannot put in an application to work with such an efficient, well-organized company that always comes thru when needed.”

From a major Midwest distributor

“The positive responses to the Seminars are a reflection of your expertise and credibility in the water treatment industry…. Your donation of time and knowledge is an immeasurable benefit to AWT [Association of Water Technologies], our members and the industry as a whole.”

From the Executive Director of a trade organization representing nearly 400 regional water treatment companies throughout the United States

“I feel that training such as you provided is very important for the staff's education and development. Many of the staff expressed to me that your presentation was very professional, informative and educational.”

From a Department of Public Health manager

“Taylor = great test results!! Keep progressing and never stop the great support and service that you provide now.”

From a pool service technician in Alpharetta, GA

“We received a personalized signed letter from [a customer service representative] apologizing for the mishap on invoice #21723-02. Briefly, Taylor Technologies sent the wrong product to us. My supervisor was astonished—the letter has a place of its own on an office wall as a reminder that Taylor Technologies and its personnel place value on their customers. I am also going to mention that [your receptionist] is also on that same level of customer satisfaction.”

From a purchasing agent at an Arizona manufacturing concern

“For the past three years I have been using the Taylor K-2005 test kit and find it to be the best kit I have ever used. I would (and will) highly recommend your test kit. Your product helps my work to be easier and accurate—no second guessing!”

From a high school custodian in Hollywood, CA

“Our entire reagent line is Taylor. Why? High quality and good service.”

From the vice president of a water treatment company in Colorado

“[Our] mission statement states, 'Dedicated to improving the quality of life and health through environmental education and protection.' It is always [our] goal to provide the highest quality and most current information to all attendees at the annual education symposium. Your presentation at this year's...helped to achieve that goal.”

From the event organizer for a major professional association of environmental health specialists

“I imagine the writing of the 2004B booklet was the result of a collaborative effort but it seems seamless. It is detailed without having a high 'fog' factor. My guess is that it is hard to take technical information and convey it in a way that laymen can grasp and utilize, so I am very impressed. [I am] a happy consumer who thinks kindly of you every time I jump into my pool.”

From a new pool owner in Bryn Mawr, PA

“[We tell our customers] Taylor test kits are the only brand we carry on our trucks. We love the reference book they come with! It usually tells us what needs to be done to fix a tricky chemistry problem.”

From the manager of an online pool/spa supplies outlet