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Taylor Test Strips: Four Things You Need to Know

Taylor Test Strips: Four Things You Need to Know

Test strips are a quick and effective way to get a snapshot of your water quality. See what sets Taylor’s new test strips apart from the rest…

Taylor’s new line of test strips includes Chlorine, Bromine, 7-Way, Service Pro, Salt, and Borate strips. The strips offer upgraded features, such as superior color standards for accurate color matching and shake-to-dispense lids. (Gone are the days of accidentally dumping all your test strips out because you forgot to replace the lid before tilting the bottle to color match!) Here’s what you should know about the new lineup:

  1. Engineered for accuracy: The free chlorine test will not give a false-positive reading in the presence of monopersulfate (non-chlorine oxidizer) or a high level of combined chlorine.
  2. Ease of use: The simple directions prove approachable to even the most novice water testers. No more swishing or swirling, just dip, wait, and read. Get test results in seconds and spend more time enjoying your investment.
  3. There’s an app for that: The 7-Way test strips are designed to be used with the free sureTREAT™ app. Simply take a photo of the treated test strip, and you’ll receive treatment recommendations and precise chemical dosages in seconds.
  4. Specialty tests: Taylor introduced two specialty test strips. The Salt test strips can read from 0‑5000 parts per million (ppm), and they make it easy to ensure your saltwater system is running efficiently. The Borate tests strips can detect borate from 0‑100 ppm. The indicator used in the strip bonds directly with borates in the sample, while other test strips in the market measure the pH shift caused by borates. This method makes Taylor strips less prone to interferences.

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