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Taylor Brand Voted Highest Overall Quality

Taylor Brand Voted Highest Overall Quality

In a recent Brand Use Study by Pool and Spa News, Taylor Technologies came first for “Brands Used in the Last 2 Years,” “Brands Used Most,” “Highest Overall Quality,” and tied for “Brand Familiarity” within the chemicals & water testing category.

Industry professionals were surveyed, such as builders, retailers, and service professionals, providing 887 responses. The study also looked at companies involved in hydraulics and maintenance. It revealed which brands companies were choosing, but also why they were choosing them. “Not surprisingly, perceived quality did translate to brands used most. In ranking these brands, respondents stated that quality and performance are most important, averaging a score of 6.65 out of a possible 7.”1

Pool and Spa News is a trusted source for industry news, trends, and strategies. They issue annual awards highlighting superior work, such as “Top 50 Builders,” “Top 50 Products,” and “Top 50 Service.” Founded in 1961, they’ve continually used their reach to educate and celebrate pool/spa professionals who show commitment to quality. 

1Rebecca Robledo, “What Brands Does the Pool Industry Use?” Pool and Spa News, July 9, 2019,