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Safety Comes First: A List of Taylor’s NSF Certified Kits

Safety Comes First: A List of Taylor’s NSF Certified Kits

Recently, Taylor went through the NSF certification process. This involved an extensive plant inspection as well as thorough laboratory testing of test kit procedures.

19 Taylor test kits were granted NSF certification and are listed under NSF/ANSI 50 Equipment for Swimming Pools, Spas, Hot Tubs and Other Recreational Water Facilities.

NSF International has been monitoring the safety of pool and spa industry products since the 1960s. They evaluate everything from test kits to pool alarms to ensure they meet strict safety standards. They also review product labeling and literature for truth and accuracy. Every product labeled with the NSF certification has met the American National Standards for design, construction, and/or performance.

This certification is not a one-time check, NSF International conducts “annual audits at each authorized production facility and regular re-testing of certified products to confirm that they continue to comply with all requirements of certification.”[1]

The following Taylor kits are NSF certified:

K-1515-A K-2005C-SALT
K-1515-C K-2006
K-2000 K-2006C
K-2000S K-2006S
K-2005 K-2006-SALT
K-2005S K-2006C-SALT
K-2005C K-2007
K-2005CS K-2007C
K-2005-SALT K-2009

[1] “Pool and Hot Tub Products Certification,” NSF International, accessed August 19, 2019.