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Pool Builder and Pool Owner: A Harmonious Relationship

Pool Builder and Pool Owner: A Harmonious Relationship

Installing a new swimming pool can be both exciting and nerve-racking — not just for the homeowner — but for the pool builder as well.

He sweats over the details and does everything in his power to complete the project on time and to the customer’s specifications. It’s important that everything goes right so the builder has another satisfied customer to add to his list of references. Let’s face it, happy customers speak highly of your work and also pay your bills.

So now that the project is complete and the water is in the pool … is the job finished? Any experienced pool builder knows that’s not where the story ends. It is now the homeowner’s responsibility to keep the water in that pool properly balanced. Water chemistry plays a vital role in protecting the health of bathers and avoiding any damage to the pool’s finish or equipment.

Water chemistry can be a little scary, but the homeowner and the builder need to understand that if they are both going to be satisfied, then the homeowner must be certain the pool water is taken care of properly. Employing a service company might be the best option. Professional service technicians understand the importance of water balance and can make adjustments to keep the water healthy for bathers, equipment, and finishes. But not all homeowners employ service companies. Without a professional service company, how can the pool builder and homeowner come together for their mutual benefit? How about making it as easy as possible to test the water and to get treatment recommendations tailored just for that pool?

Taylor has an app, sureTREAT®, that’s the perfect solution, and it’s super easy to use. Simply snap a photo of a reacted test strip against a reference card and within seconds receive detailed recommendations for chemical additions. For the more technically adept, the homeowner can also use a wet chemistry test kit to do the testing — providing more precise test results to fine-tune the treatments. Getting treatment recommendations specifically for their pool gives the homeowner the confidence to add the correct chemicals in the proper dosages in order to maintain the proper chemistry. With confidence comes the higher probability the homeowner will make this a win-win scenario with the builder. In addition, the app can generate a report for everyone’s records to document the pool water history.

The ultimate goal is for the homeowner to have a backyard oasis to brag about and the pool builder to have yet another loyal customer to use as a reference when selling new contracts. Everyone is happy!