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Poolside Training in Bloomington, Indiana

Poolside Training in Bloomington, Indiana

Thanks to Simeon Baker, an Environmental Health Specialist with the Monroe County (Indiana) Health Department, for sending along photos from his recent training session.

A Certified Pool Operator® and veteran pool inspector, Mr. Baker uses our K-2006 combination kit to teach maintenance managers at pools in the area about the dynamic nature of water chemistry. He finds the kit's FAS-DPD method particularly helpful in explaining why a total chlorine reading can give an operator a false sense of security that his water is safe for bathers.

A demonstration of this method shows how the total chlorine residual is composed of free chlorine, which is actively destroying bacteria and other contaminants, and combined chlorine, which has little sanitizing capability. Combined chlorine is the culprit behind  swimmers' red, irritated eyes and that unpleasant "chlorine" odor associated with heavily used indoor pools and spas.

To learn more about the FAS-DPD method for testing chlorine as well as the other tests in the K-2006, watch these demonstrations.