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CNN Safe Swimming Inquiry Features a Commercial Series Kit

CNN Safe Swimming Inquiry Features a Commercial Series Kit

A report by CNN's Carter Evans looked at how safe the water is for swimmers at public pools.

On location in the Bronx, New York, he visits a YMCA he says has high standards for water quality maintenance. There a service professional is shown testing the pool water with Taylor's K-1748, a combination kit in the Commercial Series™ distinctive for its Midget™ comparators with liquid-color standards.

Not all public pools are so vigilant, he says, citing a recent study by the federal Centers for Disease Control. Evans then interviews a representative from CDC's "Healthy Swimming" initiative who warns of the public health dangers from poorly maintained pools. The remedy, they suggest, is for patrons to test the water themselves before jumping in, using a simple test strip that will detect pH and sanitizer levels.

Taylor is proud to manufacture the test kits of choice for conscientious public pool operators and the service companies who cater to them. For personal assistance in selecting the testing products most appropriate for your application, call 800-TEST KIT (837-8548). One of our representatives will be glad to help!