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Welcome News about Conductivity Standards

Welcome News about Conductivity Standards

We have switched over from glass bottles to plastic bottles for pints (size code E), quarts (size code F), and gallons (size code G) of conductivity solutions. The following products are affected:

Conductivity Solution, 50 μS
(23.4 ppm NaCl)
Conductivity Solution, 500 μS
(242 ppm NaCl)
Conductivity Solution, 1000 μS
(492 ppm NaCl)
Conductivity Solution, 2500 μS
(1273 ppm NaCl)
Conductivity Solution, 3900 μS
(2027 ppm NaCl)
Conductivity Solution, 5000 μS
(2634 ppm NaCl)

plus, our equivalent to Myron L's 442™ calibration solution for use with their TDS meters we carry:

TDS Solution 1000 ppm R-0968-1K


This change means an end to special packaging for glass containers and the associated extra costs. We know analysts will be happier not to have to handle glass in the field, too.