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Things Are Looking H2O-So-Nice for the Northeast

Things Are Looking H2O-So-Nice for the Northeast

Taylor Technologies is teaming up with Waterlines, Inc., for a pool and spa party no distributor or retailer will want to miss.

Located in Franklin, NJ, Waterlines will be serving as Taylor’s sales representative to our resellers in the northeast region of the U.S.

Until now, distributor and retail sales in the Northeast were handled internally, by Taylor staff. However, the realization of potential in this area has prompted the test-kit giant to dive headfirst into product distribution in the region.

"Waterlines is the perfect fit for Taylor’s commitment to quality products, service, and support," says Jody O’Grady, Taylor Technologies' Vice President of Sales Operations and Support. "The Northeast is an area rich with possibility, and we believe that with the help of Waterlines, we can take our high-quality products to every part of it."

Waterlines, Inc., was founded in 1985 by Steve Swirsky and Ray Gunder, each possessing decades of experience in the water-related backyard products field. Waterlines is operated on the premise that all manufacturers want their products to be sold by "quality, credit-worthy distributors and retailers."

"Taylor craves the kind of long-lasting, key-player relationships that Waterlines is known for," adds Chris Golden, Taylor Technologies' Vice President of Sales Development and Growth. “And we can barely wait to see Taylor products in new and exciting corners of the market.”