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the Most Trusted Name in Water Testing

Taylor Water Technologies is known worldwide as a leader in the manufacturing of chemicals and test kits for monitoring water quality. We offer nearly 600 different test-kit configurations, including options for wet-chemistry and dry-chemistry methods, along with microprocessor-based instruments.

Established as W. A. Taylor & Company in 1930 in Baltimore, the business was incorporated as Taylor Chemicals in 1967. In 1980, Paul F. Wooden Jr. acquired the business and dedicated their focus to expanding the company’s reach to all areas of water analysis. The name was changed to Taylor Technologies in 1986, to not only reflect, but demonstrate, that magnified vision. In 2017 the company was purchased by Stephen Heard. As CEO of Taylor, he fostered a collaborative mindset and worked to reinvigorate the company culture.

The market for our products is quite simple: Wherever water quality is monitored. This includes pool and spa maintenance, industrial water treatment (e.g., boiler and cooling systems), commercial and residential water conditioning, beverage production, food processing, and municipal wastewater and water treatment.

Learn about how to obtain a water sample, the best lighting to use when reading test results, proper chemical storage, and more.

Taylor's test kits hit the market in the 1930s and the company has undergone many changes since. Our mission is the north star that keeps us innovating and supporting our customers.


"The knowledge of the water treatment industry and attention that Taylor takes in their products is apparent. Truly, our industry would be much different without Taylor products; we are fortunate to have such a competent supplier."



Our affiliates allow us to better serve our customers in all sectors, and the water-testing industry in general.



ISO Certification

Our Quality Management System has been built upon a foundation of unmatched customer service, staff excellence, product performance, regulatory compliance, innovation…and has been internationally certified by independent, accredited auditors.

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