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Water Test Kit Reagents that Deliver Proven, Trusted Results

If you’re dedicated to monitoring and refining water quality using products you can trust, and you’re looking for unparalleled customer service and support, then Taylor water test kit reagents are the premier choice. Committed to providing superior, innovative products, Taylor’s chemists are continually working to develop reagents to meet your testing needs. Choose from a vast array of reagents, in sizes that fit your needs.

Replacement reagent pack for L-0205 (DPD), 2 oz reagents only, one each


DPD Reagent #1

From $5.95

DPD Reagent #2

From $6.02

DPD Reagent #3

From $6.27

pH Indicator Solution (for 2000 Series), Phenol Red

From $5.31

Acid Demand Reagent (for 2000 Series)

From $5.30

Base Demand Reagent (for 2000 Series)

From $5.30

Thiosulfate N/10

From $4.87

Total Alkalinity Indicator

From $4.73

Sulfuric Acid .12N

From $4.72

Calcium Buffer (most often used)

From $5.90

Calcium Indicator Liquid

From $9.32

Calcium Indicator Powder

From $8.95

Hardness Reagent

From $5.86

Cyanuric Acid Reagent

From $4.94

pH Indicator Solution


Acid Demand Reagent


Base Demand Reagent



From $2.85

Orthotolidine, gal


Molybdate Reagent

From $9.89

Stannous Chloride Concentrate, 2 oz


Stannous Chloride Concentrate, 16 oz (GL)


Stannous Chloride Powder

From $8.59

Chlorine Reagent #2


Sulfuric Acid Concentrated, 2 oz


Sulfuric Acid Concentrated, 16 oz (GL)


Hardness Reagent A (odorless buffer)

From $20.26

Hardness Reagent B

From $9.29

Hydrochloric Acid Concentrated

From $15.33

Iodide Iodate N/63

From $23.46

Hardness Reagent .01M

From $18.15

Hardness Buffer

From $11.89

Hardness Indicator Powder

From $9.07

Trace Hardness Buffer

From $11.81

Trace Hardness Reagent

From $19.21