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This content is for Preferred Taylor Dealers only. Below you'll find suggested responses for common industry questions regarding Taylor. Please feel free to share this list with your sales force and service technicians! More content will be added as we move through the year, so check back occasionally for new material!

Taylor Facts

Why trust Taylor® products?

Taylor® has been manfacturing top-quality water testing equipment for over 90 years. We are known worldwide as the most trusted name in water testing, and our test kits and strips are used by pool & spa professionals all over the globe.

Why do we (dealer) use Taylor® test kits?

Taylor® products are the premier choice for accurate and reliable testing. Our service technicians use Taylor products to keep your pool or spa clean and safe for you to enjoy. Additionally, all Taylor products are made in the USA!

Why should you (consumer) use Taylor® test strips?

Pool owners and service professionals alike will find Taylor’s® test strips to be both reliable and convenient. The simple directions prove approachable for even novice pool/spa owners, and you get results in seconds. Labels provide the ideal ranges generally accepted in the pool/spa industry for ease of use.

Why should you test your pool/spa water at home?

It's important to maintain clean, healthy water between professional service visits as water quality issues can arise quickly. Chlorine can deplete quickly and is dependent on bather load. 

Tips for testing your pool/spa water.

Need technical support regarding Taylor® products? Click here for an extensive list of our most frequently asked questions. If you need help with a more involved issue, please call 1-800-TEST KIT for live technical support!