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Repouring Rules

If you are an industrial water analyst who tests frequently, refilling reagent bottles from bulk containers (pints, quarts, gallons, etc.) can be an economical choice. When repouring from one container to another, follow these guidelines to prevent contamination of reagents: 

  • To ensure accurate test results, verify your bulk reagents are less than one year old. As a general rule, reagents should be replaced yearly. 
  • Before uncapping the bulk reagent container, wipe it down to remove any dust or dirt that may have accumulated while in storage. 
  • Clean the container you'll be refilling (and its cap) with demineralized water, and make sure it's completelydry before filling it. If you'll be using a funnel, clean and dry it thoroughly before use, too. 
  • Be sure the refilled container is properly labeled and includes the reagent name, applicable hazard information, repour date, and lot number.

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