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Tips for a Successful Pool Opening

Tips for a Successful Pool Opening

Let’s step into the Taylor Wayback Machine (extra points to my readers who get the reference) and travel back to Christmas 1966 at the Ivusich household.

Oh, the excitement as little Wayne (yeah, LITTLE Wayne) runs down the stairs and sees all those beautifully wrapped presents around the Christmas tree. Imagine the complete and utter destruction that ensues as he tears through the gift wrap to see if Santa brought the toys and games he was hoping for.

Okay…got that visual permanently seared into your brain?

Jumping forward to today, you might compare opening presents on Christmas morning to the feeling you get when opening your pool at the beginning of the season: Sometimes you get what you had hoped for (no algae, crystal-clear water, no staining, etc.), but sometimes you don’t (green water, algae growing all over the place, staining, unidentifiable animal carcasses floating on the surface [okay…I added that one for dramatic effect]). So, what should you do if you don’t get what you had hoped for? Well, after getting up off the ground from fainting at the sight of the water’s condition, you’ll want to start by removing any debris from the water using a net. Next, take your trusty Taylor test kit and perform all the basic tests (sanitizer, pH, total alkalinity, calcium hardness, CYA) to see what if any adjustments are needed. For the most accurate results, we recommend starting each pool season with fresh reagents. It’s also best to assume you’re going to shock your pool. I suggest a minimum of a 10 ppm shock (amounts will vary depending on gallons of water in the pool). Remember to unplug return and intake lines and check the pump and filter, making sure everything is clean and free of debris. You may need to change out cartridge filters, recharge your DE, or even replace the sand (if old).

There are literally dozens (if not more) tasks that need to be done before making sure your pool is ready for use for the season. If you’re not sure what to do, contact a local pool/spa service professional. They have the expertise to help you.