Develop a Good Testing Technique  [updated 3/12/10]
Residential Series™ Kits for Homeowners:
K-2005 Complete™ Kit with Liquid DPD:
K-2006 Complete™ Kit with FAS-DPD:
Countertop Laboratory for Retailers:
General Test Interferences:
When to Replace Reagents  [updated 11/14/11]

"Test Your Test Kit" with Standard Solutions (K-7066-E)  [updated 4/10/08]

FAS-DPD Titration Test for Chlorine 0.2-20 ppm  [updated 8/30/05]

Testing Sodium Chloride (Salt) with an Electrolytic Chlorine Generator System  [updated 8/28/12]
Testing for Hydroxyl Alkalinity (K-1537)  [updated 10/7/10]
Testing P/M & P/T Alkalinity in Industrial Waters (K-1533PM & K-1533PT)  [updated 8/25/05]
Testing for Chlorine as Liquid Bleach (K-1579)  [updated 8/18/11]
Performing a Buret Titration (K-0401)  [updated 1/5/11]
Testing for Chloride Using the Argentometric Method (K-1549)  [updated 10/7/10]
Testing for Chloride Using the Mercuric Nitrate Method (K-1598)  [updated 11/15/10]
Testing for Free & Combined Chlorine (or Total Bromine) with FAS-DPD (K-1515 or K-1517)  [updated 10/7/10]
Testing for Chlorine Dioxide (K-1502)  [updated 10/7/10]
Conductivity Neutralizing Solution (R-7022)  [updated 8/30/05]
Testing for Glutaraldehyde (K-1186)  [updated 10/8/10]
Testing for Calcium and Total Hardness (K-1514)  [updated 12/14/11]
Testing for Trace Total-Hardness (K-1504)  [updated 8/30/05]
Testing for Hydrogen Peroxide (K-1825)  [updated 11/15/10]
Testing for Molybdate Using Powdered Indicator (K-1805P)  [updated 4/20/11]
Testing for Nitrite in the Presence of Glycol (K-1510)  [updated 10/7/10]
Testing for Nitrite without Glycol Interference (K-1565)  [updated 1/21/11]
Testing for Peracetic Acid (K-1546)  [updated 10/13/10]
Testing for Phosphonate in Non-Fluoridated Water (K-1584)  [updated 5/25/11]
Testing for Phosphonate Using pH Paper and Fluoride Masking Agent (K-1583)  [updated 10/7/10]
Testing for Total Free Polymer (K-1190)  [updated 10/5/10]
Testing for Quaternary Ammonium Compounds (K-1582)  [updated 10/13/10]
Testing for Sulfite  [updated 12/12/05]
Syringe Filtration System (9803)  [updated 8/14/07]

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